Payment Methods

Payment types

We offer you the following payment types. Simply browse the list for the best payment type for you. Shipping costs may vary depending on the payment type selected. The prices given in the respective offers are final and include all price components (including any applicable tax such as value-added tax (VAT)). Other taxes (e.g. those applicable to intra-Community purchases) and/or duties (e.g. customs duty) are only incurred in connection with cross-border transactions and are payable to the respective customs and/or tax authorities and not the vendor.


Credit card

Hassle-free credit card payment using the service provider Stripe.



Payment is even quicker and easier with your PayPal account.


SOFORT (Sofort├╝berweisung via Klarna)

Use SOFORT to pay now with online banking using the service provider SOFORT via Klarna.